PALE SPRING “Dusk” (Doom Trip)


Dusk brings the night. Dusk is the night.


Emily Harper Scott emerges fully formed on the new Pale Spring tape, shaking Cygnus and jolting into the future. She poses among rocks on the tape’s cover, evoking power and action, a goddess in the true classical sense, ready to shape reality or mete justice as the situation demands. One listen to Dusk and you get the sensation that Harper Scott is commanding the molecules of her surroundings in such a way that they swirl around her still form, obeying her gravity, ready at a moment’s notice to form whatever she wants them to or rush like projectiles at enemies. You just never really know.


The gloomy, airy production that Harper Scott and her husband Drew Scott bring to Dusk sets us in a twilit environment – the light’s fading, and we’re ready for it. Coming off like an R&B/trip-hop incarnation of Julee Cruise or Liz Fraser, Harper Scott croons smoky hymns into the atmosphere, dense with possibility, dreams, desire. The songs weave in and out of each other like reveries, the enchantment unbroken as Pale Spring commands your complete attention. Charmed, you wander into the dark, ready to act at a moment’s notice on Harper Scott’s behalf. Dusk is in your ears and nostrils, and it subtly overpowers you until you’re fully under its spell.


You’re happy for it.