QUESTION MARK BAND* “The Ivory Era” (Radical Documents)

The Ivory Era asks us if our road movies are all there is. Like, perpetual motion, one stop to the next, never settling down, never gaining that base of operations. Never resting. You wake up somewhere new every day, your eyes are bleary, you take in a deep sigh, maybe three of four of them, and will yourself back behind the wheel.


The Ivory Era assumes that our road movies are our lives. The endless highway strip, American space. Question Mark Band punctuates those road movies with solitary piano, lonely, haunted, stark. It contrasts with the richness of the air, carrying with it the weight of not knowing what to do next and the uncertainty of being able to carry out whatever’s next anyway.


The Ivory Era hopes for escape but doesn’t expect it. It feels the breeze through the open window but isn’t refreshed by it. The sun glares through the windshield, and you have to peek around the lowered visor to see the road. Tears form behind your shades.


*Do not confuse with ? and the Mysterians.