SWANSHIT “Remnant” C40 (Self-Released)

You like Harsh Noise and Grindcore? Well, tough shit. This ain’t it.

Per bandcamp: 

"Christopher ONeal is a failed drone musician. Screaming into the void since the mid 2000s”

…and likely the only thing keeping his rich ambient guitar arrangements and blown out white noise de(con)structions from achieving the greatest acclaim is that pesky PMRC boycotting him solely based on his potty-mouf’d nom-de-guerre. Perhaps CO simply does not want the responsibility that comes with popularity? Artists are so weird, right?

Anywhooo, “Remnant" is four long-form drone improvisations, two per side, each side with one sensitive, tonally ruminative venture…and one nervous, atonal slow-motion trainwreck of noisy carnage…but, like, in a removed, clinical fashion. It’s pretty goddamn great. Don’t let your Puritanical (non)sensibilities dissuade you from enjoying some well-detailed noise-augmented drone!


—Jacob An Kittenplan