HEALTHY REALISM “Dog Armor DLC” C25 (Personal Archives)


Dog armor. Is that a “from” or a “for”? I’m not sure Healthy Realism, the trio composed of Max Senteney (drums), Alex Colombo (guitar/synthesizer), and James McKain (tenor saxophone), even knows, although if “DLC” is any indication, you’re prepping your game avatar with something. Maybe armor that makes you look like a dog. That would actually kind of be funny.
Whether your downloadable content is dog-related or not, Dog Armor DLC content is packed full of defense-boosting attributes, or at least it conjures up some kind of force field or protective mechanism that allows you to ward off whatever it is that Dog Armor DLC is manufactured to guard against. If it’s boredom, boredom doesn’t stand a chance against Healthy Realism – Healthy Realism is the antithesis of boredom, its archenemy. When Senteney, Colombo, and McKain start ripping into their improvisations, instruments wielded like weapons at the ready, they fill the empty spaces of your nemeses attention until they’re jittery, bloodshot-eyed wrecks. They scribble every conscious moment with fistfuls of sonic crayons, and the wondering minds of their targets are the construction paper canvas. They might want to get some dog armor themselves – then they’d be on the same page as all of you!
Dog armor. Is there anything it can’t stop?
Consider yourself lucky to have in your possession this defensively offensive (or vice versa?) implement. Do damage to everything as you attempt to control its power! But have faith – Dog Armor DLC will always get out of hand. In the best way possible.