ROVELLASCA “The Fissure of Rolando” C36 (Park 70)


An airborne camera zooms across landscape. Barren, desolate, scarred by tectonic shifts, the ground passes quickly, the juts of rock suggesting mountains or other ranges, but it’s impossible to tell from this height – you can’t get perspective. It’s all rugged, impassable terrain by ground. The formation of the peaks and valleys was clearly violent, forged with unimaginable force. The wind whistles around them at extreme cold temperatures. The sky is clear blue above, the air is thin.
Rovellasca’s decaying ambience is rough, tactile, and distant, the perfect accompaniment to The Fissure of Rolando, three long pieces for Earth’s remotest places. I’m projecting, surely, but the edges are rough, the tones deep and resonant, the field equipment in constant motion as it captures dynamics on a planetary scale. Each moment causes descent, brings you closer to the landscape, until you’re scraping the ridge of a fissure with intense friction. You’re no match for the fissure – the fissure will engulf you. As will The Fissure of Rolando.
An airborne camera zooms across a glacier…