HEAVEN DRUGS “Heaven Drugs” C14 (Personal Archives)


Vaporwave either gets a bad rap or it finds itself utterly beloved – there’s not a ton of middle ground. I mean, sure, you can slow down an R&B jam until it sounds like syrup and call it vaporwave, but where’s the fun in that? I could do that. Heaven Drugs decidedly does not do that. In fact, I barely even started listening to Heaven Drugs when I was like, “Yep, this is going over in that ‘beloved’ column. This is great – and I’m barely two minutes in!”
I had to do all fourteen minutes (which, trust me, is an absolute joy), but the dreamy mix of looped source material is perhaps unintentionally gripping. Isn’t this supposed to narcotize the heck out of you? But look, this thing shifts from one thing to the next without really pausing for breath, and it all works really well together. And it’s NOT one of those syrupy smear-jams, it’s like an uplifting mixtape for your spirit animal’s soul. Can you hear the seams? Heck yeah. Is it super-amazingly endearing and make you want to swim around in a pool of it for hours? Also heck yeah! When it was over, I was like, “Aw, man, it’s over?” I didn’t want the Condo Pets melodies to dissipate into the ether, but there they went …
That’s what happens when you only get fourteen minutes to spend with something good.
I guess I could just listen again.
Plus look at all the cute little 2 x 2 art inserts by Matthew Crowe! (J-card by Taylor Luetkehans.)