FOSSILS “Bell Jar” (Open Range Records)

This Canadian noise factory works straight through the weekend and all major holidays, unloading a staggering amount of product into the shelves and online warehouses of the world. I’m guessing Bell Jar is discog entry 180 or so, so please bear with me if I’m unable to articulate exactly what separates this particular C30 from their last bucket of mixer mucus. The A is blindly harsh and distracted, fluctuating wildly through a spectrum of agitated audio convulsions, and the B is slightly mellower though no less schizophrenic and deranged. I’d be shocked beyond words if Fossils themselves were able to distinguish the bulk of their output and put a name to a jam if tested, as it all runs together into a blurred and monochromatic tape-fucked junkyard of rude FX. Fossils isn’t a band, it’s a lifestyle. In a sandpaper case and spraypainted shit-brown.