VESUVAN “Cosmic Caverns” (Slime City Tapes)

Young Josh Burke has been pouring vast vats of audio-drip into the global slime pool since he finally decided to start recording/releasing his Vesuvan messes a few months ago, and “Cosmic Caverns” is release number one on his own Slime City Tapes bedroom label. First off you should know that this CS is 90 minutes long, and it is dubbed unbearably quiet (I fast forwarded through the first half of side A thinking it was blank). So, as it’s damn nigh impossible to even discern the existence of music on this cassette, I can’t in all professional good conscience recommend it as an apt starting place for folks interested in plumbing the Vesuvan canon. From what I CAN tell, turning up all volumes to 10, is that it is tape-manipulated sludge with no beginning, middle, end, editing, or overdubs.