TABOO "Death To False Magick" C90 (Karamazov Tapes)


Taboo is a really vile band. This recording is so thick and it goes so deep that it makes me want to shit. They have little to no internet presence and I've never seen 'em live (though they do tour), so this tape is all I have to go on. What I do know is that they are three semi-humans and they are from Troy Maine, but even that might be incorrect/more than I'm supposed to know. This a fucking long tape! One side is a murky and relentless "studio" session and the other is cleanly recorded (but not performed) live set that gives you a little more insight on the instrumentation/sound of the group. Hallmarks of that sound are: throbbing percussion, relentless feedback psych guitaring(?) a la Les Rallizes Denudes, wretched screaming vocals with a heafty ammount of effects. This band ain't pretty and should appeal to fans of Wolf Eyes/Hair Police. I would prefer it if the vocals came through a little better because they are totally sick, but it's hard to find fault with a band this committed to making you feel so totally unpleasant. At 90 minutes you really can't go wrong with this baby and it is the strongest and most unique of the six things we got from the label.

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