GYPSY TREASURES - "Buried Goods" c27 (Not Not Fun)

Aria Jalali, otherwise known as Railcars, dips into some seriously heavy drone-worship with his new Gypsy Treasures project.Buried Goods is quite the suitable title, delivering it's unearthly trances in a tarnished gold chalice that's overflowing with Eastern European influence, and mystery.These four songs possess a loose, yet calculated vibe, and a fully realized stagger through sprawling psych wastelands, and murky dub territories.Watery, nomad guitars drip with heavy treatments, washing over the stumbling percussion thumps and rattles, as if they are unraveling an ancient gypsy tale of some sort.Some fairly entrancing slow-gallop percussion holds it all in place, with it's organic, hypnotizing thump.Things are so nicely layered, and the instrumentation is spot on.You can almost hear that stolen baby being traded for some gold pieces in some tattered old shack.As repetitive as things may seem at first, this cassette holds plenty of deep, dark secrets.Tiny hidden rhythms just seem to unfold in front of you with each listen, and things never seem to sound the same twice.This was MADE for NNF to release.Pure magic.