PEOPLE IN GENERAL - "Manhunter" c21 (Hard Body Sounds)

This was quite a nice surprise.Judging by the minimal b&w cover art, at first glance, this looks like it could be a long lost industrial gem, or some overlooked cold-wave classic.What I found was neither.Manhunter begins with a deep and heady synth progression, and it's already rather compelling and uplifting.The production is nice and warm, and the synth-bass lines remind me of something off Air's Talkie Walkie album.Ultra thick organ movements wash over slow, minimal percussion, and create a relaxed and easy vibe.As things roll on, some lite and breathy vocals begin to echo throughout thick walls of analogs, and things start to come together nicely.Bits of bubbling melodies are sprinkled on top, and give the song a full-bodied sound.The next two tracks are similar in style, and rarely does they ever stagger or get lost in themselves.It's a bit repetitive at times, but the instrumentation is solid enough to hold your attention for the duration.PIG spends little to no time chasing his own tail.Side B presents a somewhat different tone.The songs are a bit darker, and the percussion is a tad more upbeat and driving, giving them a slight contrast."Cool World" is an icy outsider tune, with a minimal, driving beat and hushed vocal delivery that reminds me of Suicide.The songs are moody and moving, and although each of them pulls you in a different direction, Manhunter sticks to it's guns, and remains cohesive and focused.I'm looking forward to what's next for him.Limited edition of 100.
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