CRAZY & THE BRAINS - "Don't Need No Snacks" 6 song cs (Baldy Longhair)

Baldy Longhair is a fairly young cassette label out of Rahway, NJ, and if this surprisingly fun release(their third)is anything to go by, it looks to be a very promising punk imprint.It comes from four talented weirdos called Crazy & The Brains.This thing is packed full of insanely catchy pop and punk jams, all very well crafted and tasteful.It's all here, tight and jangly guitars, swaying bass lines, popping drums, and countless vocal hooks.Not to mention the fair amount of xylophone harmonies sprinkled atop, for good measure.The description from the label says "for fans of: The Black Lips, Moldy Peaches, Vaselines, and Dead Milkmen", and that statement pretty much describes this tape perfectly.There's an especially noticeable Dead Milkmen vibe, with all the messy acoustics and light-but-speedy delivery.All the elements of a good pop punk album are here, and then some.The vocals are goofy, yet crisp and confident, half shouted/half sung, hanging somewhere between the teenage angst of David Byrne and maybe Adam Green, but with much runnier noses.The lyrics are playful and fun, with song titles like "Lindsay Lohan" and "Snacks", but the overflow of solid songwriting makes it a less comical listen, or listens.I'm not sure who is Crazy, but he and his Brains have restored my faith in weirdo punk, and I hope we get to here more SOON.Includes digital download link.Four different covers and tape colors, one with each member of the band on them.They fun.Get them HERE.