MUTWAWA - "Mayan Mutations" cs23 (AEN/CNP Records)

Gary Stevens and Jason Hodges are Mutwawa.They both abuse those amazing ribbon synths, samplers, and a slew of other machines and deep noisemakers.Mayan Mutations is their most recent kick to the face, and it's been on constant repeat here lately.It reminds me of a more dance floor friendly Merzbow, with it's HEAVY synth jabs and pummeling low end gurgling.Harsh 808 beats are blasted out at full volume, bringing with them an arsenal of spiraling synths and buzzing modulations.This stuff is no joke.They've got their analog toys so beefed up and their presence is crazy and unavoidable.Pure dance party trash, coupled with Industrial's forgotten sleaze and muscle.This stuff seems to play extremely loud, not matter what volume level you have it on.Some of the songs sound like they were pulled straight out of the seedy electroclash scene, the one that flooded NY's underbelly almost 10 years ago, and then given a much needed adrenaline shot and waaayyy bigger amps.Mutwawa wants to play techno, but it's not in their nature.Their music is listenable and familiar, but unkind.If you like your club jams dripping with glowing green blood, and your power electronics to bump, then this is what you have been waiting for.Killer black light poster artwork to boot.YES.Get it here.