Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Various Artists
"Negro Woman Of America
Your Electric Future is Now
Stay Beautiful"
c80 (Teen Action Records)

What do you say about a compilation cassette/zine that features 19 different artists? I don't know, um..."I like this. This is good". Does that do? No? Okay. The San Francisco label Teen Action Records has put out the work of some of the best and brightest: Emeralds, Sword Heaven, Skin Graft, 16 Pileup, Tusco Terror, Cave Bears, Bee Mask, Ryan Jewell & Mike Shifflet (just kidding about Cave Bears, that's my band. Those people are assholes!). Well, you won't find any of those bands on this compilation and due to the format, I was not able to decisively determine which part belonged exactly to which artist, especially seeing as they are almost all unknown to me, but I can say that this compilation all flows together really quite nicely throughout it's 80 minute running time. A lot of the stuff on here sounds like it could have come off of some long lost Throbbing Gristle demo tape. Keyboards, both shrill and droning, vocal samples, a little live percussion and Burroughsian cut ups all wend their way throughout this jungle of seething weirdness. If this were one band, then they would surely be a force to be reckoned with. I've got to start listening again and make some track markers so I can find out more about who, or what, is behind my favorite parts.

Nineteen tracks and 20 pages of audio visual anomalies, creaking, blasting, groaning, squirming and churning through your innocent head holes, welcoming you to a bold new tomorrow. From ecstatic group improvs, to pummeling electronics, to blissful drones, and beyond, the electric future IS now. Includes a bonus cassette with music from INTERSTATES ETC., FURFUR, PREGNANT SPORE, COPY LAKE, POTASIUM SIANADA, CRIBDEATH, DR PVPKHS, REACHING, HISS AND HUM, RXCCXXNS, MILLION BRAZILLIONS, CHROME GENIE, SCOAM, FORKED, HORSEFLESH, BONEYARD JITTERS, FILTH AND PISS, CELINE DION, and 73 PEOPLE WHO CARE. Limited to 99 copies.

that's the description from, which is where you can go to buy this tape, or at least find out where you might still find one. If you want to.


  1. Thanks for the review! I think you got an advance copy. I wanted to let everyone know that any copies purchased from us or our distributors include a free download link. The mp3s can help you figure out who's who.

  2. why is the compilation called "negro woman of america your electric future is now stay beautiful?" can't seem to find any information on this.

  3. it's a quote from this weird book i found at a yard sale years ago. the book was called "angelfire", written by andre nultaire. i haven't been able to find anything about it on line. it's sort of historical sci-fi, about angela davis leading a massive revolution using public phones to connect people in poor communities. in the book, that is the first recorded message she sends out across the country. i felt it had a really positive message about social technology and recorded media.

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