SPIRES - "Puzzlebox" c30 (Lava Church)

  Lava Church is a fairly young cassette label out of Sarasota, FL.They've got a handful of noisy gems for sale, and this one is indeed my favorite thus far.Puzzlebox, is the newest mind melter from one man drone project, Spires.Their site says he has been making all kinds of music for the last twenty years, and if this is true, I'm about to be all over that junk.Puzzlebox isn't anything terribly original, nor will it offer any sort of religious or mind blowing experience.However, it's completely free of boundaries, and filled to the brim with weird.Most of the sounds on this tape are incoherent, and nearly impossible to make sense of, and this is a compliment.Industrial machine clank, minus the hard beats.Space signals mixed with subtle, low end drones and warm synths make up a good part of the album, and the constant shift in overall mood and tone is more than enough to keep you listening.Pieces of it are really compelling, as it swells and drops and random.You might hear a bit of Throbbing Gristle worship at times, and that is a very good thing.Rarely does a song take shape, but it's the lack of "song" that made this interesting.Nice stuff.Edition of 30!?Get one from Lava Church, quick.