3 X Bleeding Gold Records

Tim Chaplin takes from "indie" (dontcha just hate that TERM?) sounds as much as trad songwriter fare on Daisy Chain Fridays, his EP, which comes across like a Dean Wareham set if he embraced Folkways as much as the Velvet Underground. This is a cool tape. Dig "Disowned," which is my favorite here.

Mmdelai's self-titled EP is glitter man. Buzzing synth/keys riffs, electro-dance rhythms, and big, echoey female vox cover the seven songs and dare ya to stop starring at the mirror ball. The music is a bit more esoteric than your average big time radio dance-pop, but not by all that much. The introspective/experimental edge of a song like "We Can't Fade" displays a yearning to twist pop sounds around, so there's that...

HEHFU is Bradley Clarke's one man show. He's a heart-on-sleeve lo-fi rocker with tears in his pocket from South Wales. Clarke's music is reminiscent of a great many bands who have come before (and will continue to come on the scene). "Indie-rock" or "college rock" or maybe even "shoegaze" could be thrown at this guy's songs. He sings and plays well enough, but this release leaves me a little uninspired.

Bleeding Gold Records is an eclectic label of quality and they're worth checking out.

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