Vinyl/Tape/Download (Weird Ear)

The first release on Raub Roy's new Weird Ear label is a real winner. Alessandro Bosetti's "Stand Up Comedy" is a spoken word album recorded over the past few years in which the artist employs a device of his own creation called Mask/Mirror or the "interrupting machine." Apparently the machine randomly reconfigures sound, and it is used on this recording to skew interviews and other bits of dialogue into a dreamlike narrative.  The text is accompanied by minimal instrumental clinks and drones on thumb piano and electronics.  On the B side angular violin and clarinet arrangements are added and the vocal takes up less space overall. "Stand Up Comedy" is both funny and mystifying and it is a fantastic way to kick off a record label. The complete album is streaming on the internet now, and you can order the vinyl or cassette here. Check out Bosetti's extensive discography here.