Mold Omen - "Sanbenito" (Teflon Beast)

BOOM! a great tape here from the TEFLON BEAST tape label (whoa cool! that's JEFF DAILY'S label - a fellow cassette god!). i've never met jeff nor do i know anything about the dude, but he sent me an awesome tape by a baltimore based duo called MOLD OMEN. jeff explains on the TB website that SANBENITO (the tapes title) is a "penitential garment worn by heretics, especially during the spanish inquisition"… RAD! the tape feature 7 improvised (?) jams from two dudes named ANDY and MIKE (mysterious??). each track differs greatly, flowing seamlessly into one another, and covering many aesthetic and timbral qualities common in noisy, but tasteful, improv. my personal favorite tracks are the "folkier" ones - the jams with acoustic instruments - banjos, etc… 

overall, this is a great tape and I enjoyed it thoroughly.. keep em coming jeff!

check it out HERE