The Movies - "In One Era, Out the Other" (Spring Break Tapes)

One of the most beautiful aspects of the small tape label community is the hunger for documentation. Labels all over the world want to help musicians (sometimes they're one in the same) preserve moments of inspiration, be it poignant, humorous, spacey, or just plain weird. Spring Break Tapes has reissued an album by a Los Angeles area band that no longer exists. The Movies broke up in 2008, but for those who heard or saw the band when they were active, the music lives on. In One Era, Out the Other is a wonderful album. At times I think this is the album I always wanted to hear associated with a (to me) mysterious band like Slint. The drums are steady, dry, but keep a pulse when some of the songs could easily go off the rails. The keyboard flourishes are almost more sci-fi than indie-rock (with a touch of New Wave), and the guitar playing is kind of perfect, sloppy-tight, RIGHT ON. Jessica Gelt's bass playing keeps the softest grooves in the pocket. For me though the most intoxicating element in the band are the lead vocal parts. Guitarist Timothy James has an elastic voice. Sometimes Ian Curtis croon or Bowie yelp, and at other times he sings in an earnest manner that makes it seem like he's singing the most intensely personal song ever sung. Honestly, this is an exciting listen. Spreading music on tape by bands (in small run editions of course) that never made it out of their circle of friends or local scenes (The Movies did tour extensively and played alongside "name" bands however) is one of the best reasons to keep one's ears open. Seriously, PASS THE MUSIC. 

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