let me let the computer world know. sub-underground madman genius charlie mcalister upstarts new label "spew geyser" and as always, with any mcalister related projects, its quite a doozy!

mcalister has been releasing cassettes since the mid-late 80s on various micro labels, including his long running "flannel banjo" imprint, which spanned a good 10 years before falling off the map, only to resurface here and there under the title "tar owl" - but like all mcalister output - it was shrouded in mystery. never any sort of web presence, which i myself admire, being a fan of letter writing. again, though, it was a sporadic release schedule to be sure. about a year ago tar owl became "meggapecka records" and it seemed as if charlie was back on the map again - releasing three or four tapes with a fury. now, the name has changed yet again, this time to "spew geyser" and things are looking good. an extensive websight has been set up in which you can order new (and older) cassettes & records as well as issues of the fabulous "sardine magozine" of which there are 10 issues available, and may quite possibly be the greatest collection of consumerism collage and writings known to man. 

but here we have two new mcalister collections. the first is "triangle state mental zone" which was originally released as the complimentary supplement to sardine magozine #9&10 (thick ass double issue). recorded mostly in 2010 with the help of one rebecca h. who sings & shouts along, as well as helped to co-write some songs, and add instrumentation. overall grand collection in true mcalister form. songs suffer from the falling apart treatment - rag tag explosion & electric snap and buzz. subjects revolve around the "triangle state" of south carolina as well as food products, backwoods exploration, and of course bodies of water. overall very raucous, though on a few songs, the sleeves are rolled down, and some heart shines through. especially on "tourism is dead" and  "hugor" the later which pulls from an old folk melody - or so i think - its very recognizable, yet hard to exactly pin down. complete with kazoo and mumblings. may be one of my favorites in recent memory. 

also just released is "enthralling pop songs and attempts at jazz" credited to c. mcalister and sagging sandcastle. collected recordings from 2010-2013 which contains some songs from various lathed plastic plates which came out over the past couple years. there were about 4 or 5 of these released cut by rah rah records, and put out on a few different labels in very small editions. as cool as the lathes were/are - the quality was pretty crackly. so its nice to have some of those in better quality. as the title states, this collection showcases songs closer to the pop form, but again, deconstructed as always. solid catchy tunes that it seems would win anyone over. not exactly sure what attempts at "jazz" are made, but many of the songs on the b side include trumpet via celie d. who executes non pitch perfect blow-alongs that fit perfectly with mcalisters demented strum and hoot. these are the newer songs on this collection, and its always exciting to see the constant change in style and playing that happens from release to release. 

anyone with pen and paper (or now a paypal account) should write to spew geyser and explore some of the best clatter junked song writing around. and do it quick. you never know how long charlies records will be available, or how quickly the man himself will disappear and retreat to the bogs and inlets. spew geyser also has releases from other tape vets : furniture huschle & caleb fraid, and is currently working on a compilation which will be sure to showcase all over madness via many folks, calling in from the sewers to the highrises all across this great and odd world.

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Clinton SC 29325