“Ornaments” 7”
(KIKS/Girlfriend Records)

This 7” is from UK-based Benjamin Hallatt, recorded under the name SCKE//. An electro-acoustic spectacle, it lives somewhere between the minimal glitch of a similar-era Kompakt, Kranky or Mille Plateaux release and something more homemade and warm. Hallatt definitely abandons the hi-fidelity, in your face side of glitchy, experimental music for a sound that’s more suitable for travelling or looking out of a train window.  

Side A, “Ornament 2,” is a slow-burning piece that has a plucked and distinctly Asian flare, sampling sounds that veer from percussive to melodic. It’s undoubtedly got a folky vibe until it intensifies and Hallatt starts reversing stuff. 

Side B, “Ornament 7,” gets the more classic low-key glitch workout, as Hallatt tweaks his modular into static pops, hisses, and squeals over comforting, motoric electric piano chords. Neither track has any beat-oriented activity.
The 7” is pressed on quality, heavy vinyl and includes a folding sheet with a picture of some sort of Asian Chiffarobe on it.

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-Dan Hockstein