(Hyster Tapes)

side a
reminiscent of fusion jazz and transcendental psych-dance, the first song is a high octane repeating two chord progression accompanied by crude sax wailings and accentuated with what sounds like sticks on pots and pans. It fucking rules.

the second song is mysterious but thematically similar. It could be from the same band and the saxaphone seems to open up a bit and show a larger tonal and improvisational range. But then (?!?!?!) the cassette clicks off? Bummer! I dunno what happened, maybe a recording whoops ...

A long interval of silence occurs until a new and more intense frequency slowly rises in volume without break. Like an approaching tornado, it sounds like wind and the wind sound gradually increases in volume. Slowly its clear that the tornado is pulsating to a specific time signature, or beat. My brain slowly listens to the milliseconds of frequency until miniature melodies emerge from the wicked tornado. Subtly and mysteriously through the chaos of feedback, the noise jam evolves at a turbo rate to become on the brink of a headbanger, but alas, it remains just harsh noise. The song ends without much structural resolution; an unclear, muffled sentence is revealed, but then the cassette jets off. Pretty good.

side b
Do you watch Game of Thrones? Because the first song of side B of this cassette sounds like Calishi's husband reciting a vengeance ritual to his tribal followers while Clanging a cow bell and sawing a jagged blade through a skullbone ... one man against the universe here. Utter desperation, plain and simple, you don't get many songs like this, at least not in this galaxy. I can't say it's not extreme.

The second song could quite possibly be an example of Helsinki Mind Control, as it's some cool contemporary chill psych noise jams and I was mesmerized. A keyboard chord progression is a gentle return to structured sanity after recorded verbal assault of the prior song. Although the looping vocals and skipping record hiss cutoff is soothing, we anticipate more harsh noise, but instead we're presented a bluesy moog synthesizer... the record skip serves as a time keeper which mimics a percussion instrument. These ingredients make something both edgy but within the boundaries of a classic 4 part looping electronic rock act. It even starts sounding a little like Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack.

I have to take some points off for technicalities. The cassette had a lot of dead air and I don't know if the song cut off on Side A was intentional, but it was annoying.

This Cassette came from Helsinki... this is all I could find for a website...

-- Jack Turnbull

Here's their description in their words...
*23 minutes that consist of 3 minutes of mild metal clanging & saxophone blowing, 8 min crumb of lo-fi mass of tape noise, 6 minutes
of yelling and throwing around objects inside a building close by some children and recording of a 6min spacey krautish electronic drone
performed at a pub in lithuania. plays in this order: leitmotiv limbo, grey park, YOL and %20.
2e + postages, recycled tapes 50 copies

CRAZY STUFF DUDERS!!!! Extreme, Compelling, varied, ... it's a pretty wicked cassette. PLAY LOUD!!!!