"Hallelujah I'm a Bum"

AHHHH ... Here it is, troop. The pinnacle of challenging and satisfying instrument based soundscape has arrived! Welcome to my earbuds, "the lost and found sound"; Your spectre inducing melodies are transcendent and captivating. You use feedback and pulsating frequencies to meditative ends. I get lost in your ambient noise like a spaceman in zero gravity.

Keyboards and looping organs mix with supernova frequency vibrations while soothing ambient synthetic wind instrument chords collide. Little kid thumb pianos are strummed and guitars pickers flutter their fingers to make musical zen state. The strange man with the long white beard in the corner flashes me a peace sign. I flash him a peace sign back.

It's difficult to make radio fuzz signal stay in melody with a looping guitar progression. It's even harder to make radio fuzz sound warm and comforting. But The Lost and Found Sound does it both. The experience of instrumental radio fuzz evokes nostalgic memories of boombox past while remaining charming and challenging.

This cassette can sound gentle or menacing, rockin' or sacred... this cassette fulfills a whole lot of my desires and shares a whole lot of mixed histories ranging from folk music to electronica.

Time lapses between melody frequencies range from milliseconds to whole stanza loops, while a guitar goofs around with an octave-up pedal in the background. This is mysterious music, made by a bum according to the release's title. Well, this cassette reviewer is very impressed with this bum.

Think about that the next time you see a guy begging on the street, that guy could be a genius!

Get a sample of "The Lost and Found Sound" here and then get a copy of the cassette while it lasts!

--Jack Turnbull