AFTERLIFE "Sensory Overdose" C30 (Sic Sic)

Synth-ambient vibes throughout this'ne. One piece on each side.

Side 1 starts out with electronic fluttering and I can't help but picture a guy with a beard and a guy with a ponytail in the studio in the 70s, working on some sort of educational soundtrack. But that's how my brain works. The first piece swells into a bad ghost dream and then the swelling continues into electric/electronic buzz-saw concentrate before giving you cartoon ghost bloops & soundtrack music for "Unsolved Mysteries of the Paranormal Kind".

Side 2 is more bubbly, gurgly, & loopy, but still a heavily electronic/synth banger. I keep expecting them to stop & do a stoner buddy comedy skit or bust into some zydeco grindcore or something, but they are mostly sticking with the theme. There's some liquid blipping-bubbling under digitized lily pads for a while, which is cool, and the sick jam also goes into blubbery garbage-disposal mode for a bit, which is always a welcome thing. Later in the track, there is definitely some looping going on, front-and-center, with some carryings-on underneath it. It builds with layers of electronic swamp muck, and then falls apart into a sparser voyage, and rides into a groove before ending with an ambient drone-out with tinkling.

hand-numbered edition of 85, & sold-out at the label.

- - Garrison Heck