“When You Are Not Resting” C30
(Kerchow! Records)

As someone who adamantly sides with Harry Partch’s disdain for the commercial fascism known as western pop, I can greatly get down with this lo-fi, 1950’s style-reverb-worshipping, pop/folk serenade/dittery. The tones herein recall early Clientelle spaciness, but with less worry about the softness of pitch-perfect vocal washings. Is this ‘Punk Spirit’ or just the sound of the fuck-it revolution?! Twelve tones my ass! Careful background accompaniment fades in and out of trashcan-distant vocals/guitarstrum and simple, stoccato bass lines; a tasteful drum kit makes appearances here & there. Did I mention reverb? I should mention reverb; what it must sound like for Oscar the Grouch whenever he gets woken up by majestic, reverberant passersby. It’s not gratuitous; Danny Lango arranges the songs (or does the songs, like, totally arrange DL, man?) so that the space is consistently filled with bubble-gum-s(t)icky hooks that us listeners will only later realize we’ve been laced with such deeply buried, noisy additives.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan