"Do or Dangle"
(Babes in Arms Records)

Hard to tell if these are intended to be demos or not but the sleepy, lo-fi bedroom quality makes them all the more interesting. It's unclear if these are the same Sloppy Heads from Brooklyn but I dig the style and it's always nice to think of my neighbors making great stuff like this.

Ranging from singer-songwriter electric guitar jam (How Long is Forever?) to CAN-style psychedelic freakout (She's Gone) to droning organ-flooded Tortoise-era post rock (Nightbird) - the whole record is hidden under a veil of age that sounds like it could easily be five or twenty years old.

Only three tracks, the first is a perfect lead-in as a traditional 3-minute pop song that brings us to two extended 10+ minute jams that wiggle and warble a serene confidence that owes as much to musical predecessors like D.I. as it does to the wonder of a sunrise on the first spring day. The hopeful finish to the record gives it a warm resonance that makes me want more. 

There's less than ten of these bad boys left through the label so do yourself a favor and Tina Turner dance over there and snatch one up.