SHALT “Acheron” (Astral Plane Recordings)

While using manipulated dark samples, each track on Shalt’s “Acheron” slowly forms into an aggressive electronic track after seeming to be just a slowly morphing sound collage. The distorted sounds provide heavy rhythmic elements to the tracks while bursts of shining synth sounds come about deeper into the track lengths. The way Shalt uses these rhythmic patterns of samples is really what sticks out to me on this record. Shalt’s collection of tracks on “Acheron” presents a coherent electronic EP that is dark, yet danceable.

Side A of this tape features the original four tracks of “Acheron” while side B includes remixes of these tracks. The remix of the title track is done by M.E.S.H. which isn’t a surprise to me because upon listening to side A of this tape I caught myself thinking that Shalt probably appreciates the music of M.E.S.H, Lotic, etc. Which also speaks for the music on this tape itself.

Originally released on Astral Plane, the physical deluxe edition released on Apothecary Compositions:

-- Lucas Martinez