"Sorta Upset" C17
(Haord Records)

Yeah, you oughta be “sorta upset” already, cz this tape is now sold out (within four months of its release), but, if Haord has any sense, they’ll be repressing this gem PRONTO, lest Jake Tobin re-releases it, let’s say, on the venerable Orange Milk Records, where it could oh so easily fit amongst other seminal synth commandos. Yes, this shit is progressive and tiiiiiiiiiiiight!

So, like, I don’t say “tight” very often, lest I’m feigning obnoxiously facetiousness ahem, but it’s very, very, very fitting here. For real. This waaaay too short release plays like a spastic, midi-stream-of-conscious pop-writing forum, unloading in real time, remotely likened to a sweet spot somewhere between Fantomas and Giant Claw/Yakuza Heart Attack!

Noisey, freakishly bastardized, proggy chord & time manipulations? Check!
Midi-abuse & cliché v. organic, tonal blending mastery? Double-check!
Engaging? You could listen to this for days and hear new shit each time!
Egregious? Only archaic’ly!

Strap on some headphones and into a non-squeaky reclining device; you’re in for a ride!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan