"The 42 Negative Confessions of Wingéd Ma’at”
C35 (Bloxham Tapes)

So, I did me some investigating and found next to zero info on Wingéd Ma’at, save a bunch of reviews that focused on their Ancient Egyptian aesthetic. While some sounds found herein perhaps maybe could have been captured within the dusty, reverberant catacombs under Giza, they just as well could have been conjured up in abandoned warehouses and midnight parking garages, as the synth arpeggiations and major key melodies are strictly western. Exotification aside, the beatless melding of synth and heavily treated guitar-meanderings (and I’m talking delay pedals for daaaays here, folx) recall the head-lolling Harmonia and some of the better Tangerine Dream dronescapes, with the brighter layers mixed well enough to reveal a darkness that doesn’t command attention the first time around, which is pretty rad, I think. Great soundtrack for an urban hike!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan