BARY CENTER “Just Dust” (New Body)

Bary Center is the Mark Williams of his time, and he also happens to share a body, mind, apartment, effects rig, laptop, and some blood and guts and stuff with Williams, because Bary Center is Mark Williams and Mark Williams is the maestro, the Bary Center of his time. They share time, too. To get to the point, it doesn’t matter whose name is on the cassette’s J-card (it’s Bary Center’s) – what matters is how masterfully the maestro is going to deconstruct electronic and techno music this time around. What matters is how you’re going to feel after you’ve been subjected to a full-length album from a dude who knows how to make it happen, anytime, anywhere. I’ve told you before, because I’ve written about his Speaker Footage release Stop Believing, and if you’ve been paying attention and doing your homework, you know that you’ll be in for something pretty rad.

If Stop Believing was the imperative to Williams’s audience, then Just Dust is the pagan freedom of unending darkness that follows it, the existential status update of supreme discontent. …Wrapped, of course, in an eminently digestible package of inventive beats and melodies, no matter how black the vibe ends up being. Only total immersion will suffice – once you’re strapped in to Just Dust (or vice versa), you’ll be whisked away to an underground reality where you and you alone are there, and each passing second burrows itself deeper into your own mind until you’re only aware of yourself, the darkness, the emptiness, and time itself passing. But, like, in a fun way! That’s what good artists are able to do, anyway – gussy up that disenchantment in a palatable form so that it feels like it’s directed at you and at you alone, but in reality an entire audience equally disillusioned by modern living is able to appreciate it. So, you’re alone, you’re upset about that but you wallow in it, you listen to Bary Center et voila – you’re not alone! But you’re still upset, only it’s about that now, and you wish you could go on wallowing in your own crapulence instead of obsessively checking the ever-growing list of people in the Bary Center chatroom. Are chatrooms even a thing anymore? Doesn’t matter. Just Dust is pulsing in your life and there’s no more room for regret. We’ve ceased dependence on outmoded concepts. We’ve embraced the gritty future. Diving in now, headlong.

--Ryan Masteller