NYXY NYX "Magic Coffin Ride" C46
(Blight Records)

Got rid of the vehicle over 15 years ago, but “Magic Coffin Ride” makes me wanna drive. Slow. At night. Along muggy, cornstalk-lined backroads. All windows down. Let them bugs on in. Maybe annoy some o’possum or other. 

This is that kinda tape. From back in the day. Fit right on any 90s slowjamz mixtape. ‘longside those noisy/alternative/shoegaze/jangly-pop greats. Talking Modest Mouse, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins here, easy-peasey. No questions asked. No eyebrows raised. Those unexpected hooks. Modestly mixed vocals. Quirky leads & accents. Delay & warble for daze. All slow and swagger. Make ya lean out the window & hi-hat-tap that side-view mirror. Busy, heavy, lagging, glorious.


--Jacob An Kittenplan