GEORGE FIERO III “Sun Rooms” (Uba Tuba Tapes)


Look, I don’t know what Skeleton Pals is, but George Fiero III built instruments for Danny Elfman for the thing. That’s enough to get my attention for a split second, so the music he made during the same time, using guitar, tape, the “reverberations of his room,” along with more guitar and synthesizer, passes through my cassette player in joyful hope. Joyful hope is rewarded with joyful listening. George Fiero III has got something going on here.
I’m a huge fan of lo-fi, and this is as lo-fi as it gets. The recorded tape is actually manipulated at points, the stop and play buttons actually part of the performance. The guitar dreamily wafts as if it’s wooden, and the room is wooden, and the space the sound passes through is wooden. The tape warbles and warps. Magnets attract filament. Decomposition occurs. A glorious piece called “One Day the Mountains Will Grow Legs and Walk Back into the Sea” ends side A on the highest note possible.
“Light Virgin” and “Glass Rain” comprise the B-side, 32 minutes of synthesizer and guitar experimentation. Vastly different from side A, these two tracks grow and reverberate, filling rooms and minds with glistening fractal patterns and misshapen melodic fragments. Easy to get lost in, easy to glaze out to. I vibed out and came to hours later. Didn’t know what hit me.