WICKED PISS “Muckbang Babylon” (Gay Hippie Vampire)


This here tape’s a wicked pissah! OK, had to go there, but only because this tape is actually and literally taking one helluva wicked piss on my living room carpet! Or maybe that’s just me, sprawled out on my living room carpet, earthquake’d into submission because I turned the stereo up too loud when I popped in this Wicked Piss tape, urine spraying from my body because I can’t control anything anymore. That’s right – Wicked Piss makes me unable to control my own bodily functions.
Surely, you say, there’s no way a cassette tape could actually and literally make you piss yourself. But there is! And I think the artist of this tape is called “Wicked Piss” because of that sole purpose. The noise artist unleashes waves upon waves of an intense low-frequency sonic onslaught, rippling through my body and causing inadvertent reactions. I almost don’t even care that it’s happening (I will later when I realize what I have to clean up) – it’s like I’m viewing what’s happening to my own body from outside of it. Yeah – Wicked Piss is giving me an out-of-body pee experience with Muckbang Babylon!
Oh wait, that’s not me, that’s my brother on the ground. Oh, I should probably call an ambulance.
Edition of who knows how many, maybe just one.