BALDER 'Humble Fluorescence'
(Thuggee Productions)

BALDER- 'Humble Fluorescence'
Thuggee Productions

Totally infinite! 1st side kicks off with some delight inducing synth patterns undergoing heavy concentric circle overlay by raindrops. Other squalls and gloops superimposed on this. A tape which takes its time and is good music to work to, would increase worker productivity in the supermall 3000, or could also imagine it as the background noise to an avantgarde airport. Next is a pretty guitar tune with lots of delay that reminds one of Durutti Column, then another delay piece....imposing atmospherics on the 2nd side with a good Dune cinemascope reach...maybe Balder is going for a black metal ambient feeling. Weird titles evoke impossible moods: 'Pedestal-Vehicle to Mother's Basement'. Processed pleasure loops for future toadpeople.