Joe Bastardo and Sam Gas Can
Worcester's proud sons

Oh gee whiz, I've just got so much rad stuff here in my box from two of Massachusett's finest dudes. Here's a brief run down of what's available from Moss Archive and Faux Pas Recordings and their associated patrons. Moss Archive is run by synth master Joe Bastardo from the band Gay Shapes, and Faux Pas is run by prolific musician and artist Sam Gas Can.  These guys are real cross-pollinators, hence the double post.

Let's start off with a tape of Sam's on Moss Archive. "Life of a Dog" is the best and most accesible Sam Gas Can recording yet.  Check out "Time After Time" and "I Hope You Die."

Sam also has more new tapes of his own out on Hidden Temple, Don't Trust The Ruin and Feeding Tube

Sam's label Faux Pas Recordings has put out some really great new tapes since we last checked in. All of the following come highly recommended:

Bastardo's Bastian Void project is presented on a split tape with Three Fourths Tigers

Also the debut tape by Philadelphia's Suicide Magnets
Cassette Gods's favorite Anthro Rex (Dan Cashman) also has a new Faux Pas Release
  Also check out Cashman and Gas Can's duo, The Fribbles. A cassette exists, but I couldn't find anything to share with you, except the artwork:

Faux Pas is also still offering the last copies of Noise Nomads' "Menacing Bells" which I've already reviewed favorably.  The label is one of seven to co-release the debut LP by Tracey Trance

Moss Archive also has some new tapes out besides the Sam Gas Can keeper.  

Another spaztastic release by Boston's drum machine duo Bang! Bros, who recently broke a world record.

The current Gay Shapes EP is a generally representative of the trio's dense psychedelic noise.

Bastardo's solo projects are also represented by the new Bastian Void tape on Field Hymns and by the Homeowner tape on Moss Archive.

So much music!!!!