Memory Pavillion - S/T (Carpi Records)

Memory Pavillion is the music of soothing tired minds. Like the well-oiled fingers of a talented masseuse releasing tension from your knotted back, the eighteen minutes of ambient sounds on this tape become relaxation. Does that make it all that fun to listen to? Um, is quiet, "turn off/tune out" disconnection stuff...I'm not necessarily in the mood for it right now however. Are you an ambient music enthusiast? If the answer to that question is yes...then dive in, but I'm going to dig through current mountain high stack of tapes for albums with "songs." This tape has been produced in an edition of eighteen (mirroring the total play time? If that is on purpose, awesome!) and the French label, Carpi Records, has a nice vibe going for it. Investigate for those times when "real life" is driving ya bat shit crazy!

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