I Want To Kill Every Human - Tape/7" combo (Bill Murray Tapes)

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. In this case I judged the cassette/7" combo I received from Bill Murray Tapes' I Want to Kill Every Human solely on the artist's moniker and, it turns out, I was right. I thought, "This will be loud and abrasive." It is. The 7" is downright good for this sorta thing however. Screeching noise wails and eekz are combined with tonally soothing daubs of color. The noise is WHITE into the RED, but the gentle pulses of guitar and/or keyboard balance them nicely. The cassette however is just plain nOIZe...of course that means a lot to a good amount of folks...so...basically, I liked the 7" more than the tape.

Buy and Listen HERE.

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