Tough Fuzz - "Vol. 1" (Ewe of Now Records)

As we head into a new year and continue wearing sweater vests, I'm suddenly jamming a tape that is meant for the summer time. Tough Fuzz (formerly known as Beach Demon) has a new tape out on Ewe of Now Records, titled Vol. 1, the fourteen tracks are all summer sun samples & beats with plenty ol' soul-trippin' technicolor to cause me to forget the leaves falling death brown to the ground. The music is very west coast y'all and by that I mean, scenes of Venice Beach sidewalks, palm trees, and surf are all I can seem to conjure while this tape plays out. Even the song titles have fun time in Cali with da girls vibes..."Blondes," "Brunettes," and "New Girl" all get people in the club to bounce. Tough Fuzz's music is made specifically for the kind of listener who enjoys grooves 'n' sunshine. Rave on...

Buy and Listen HERE.

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