Ambiguous Cube - "TASTER" (???)

HEY! COOL! i thoroughly enjoyed this weird little tape called rocky thump by AMBIGUOUS CUBE.. i think AC is from LA and i have no clue if its one person or more - but yea! - i DIG the music for sure!

the tunes are mostly dry casio sounds with silly little drum beats.. maybe its all MIDI but i have no clue. the tape feature 12 modest little ditties perhaps reminiscent of old nintendo sound tracks. limping ride reminds me of the one of the dungeon levels from ZELDA for game boy. YEA! AWESOME! but don't be fooled by the cuteness and innocence of the pieces for they are well composed and sound very thought out, perhaps even EDUCATED. 

i like this tape a lot, and maybe you will too! especially if you like 80's/90's video game music which you probably do because you collect cassettes and are therefore a nerd/weirdo.

AND - the tape comes in a cool gold-ish folded paper thing AND has a neet comic book thing. yep - very cool indeed

listen/buy HERE