Potions - "Cosmic Relief"/Dolphin Tears - "Spa World" (Lillerne Tapes)

very cool chicago label with a great artistic aesthetic and killer tapes!

dolphin tears "Spa World"

spa world by dolphin tears brings the listener into a relaxing, sweaty, beautiful, and calm world.. of spas… yes - spas.. hence spa world i'd assume. cool. figured that out. 25ish minutes of pure lofi ambient/easy listening stoner glory with moments of groovy smoothness. it perhaps reminds me of some earlier NNA type releases. very beautiful indeed and i dig it for sure. there are only 50 of these made so get them quick or you will .. uh.. cry dolphin tears, duh.

potions "cosmic relief"

potions! yes - i like potions a lot. i've heard a slew of his tapes and i always tend to enjoy the hell out of them. im pretty sure that potions is made up of a dude i sorta know named tom (he plays in the band distractions from chicago). his newest release, cosmic relief, is perhaps my favorite potions tape i've heard thus far. the beats are lovely, exciting, mellow, totally groovy, and very well composed/orchestrated. perhaps some of my favorite "digital" synth jamz around right now. great work tom! potions will be on tour soon with a wonderful band called TOUPEE (from chicago as well, with a new LP out on ROTTED TOOTH records).. scope the tour here and go see potions!!!