rawmean - "Sea Mister" (Physics Engine)

Sea Mister by rawmean is a sneaky bastard of a cassette! The live in a single take compositions succeed where they should fail. Live looping is a tight rope. One has to have a strong sense of structure (or editorial control over themselves!) or the music becomes tedious drone. Sometimes loops, fucked with enough that is, can be crazy, glory noise that lead to the void, but the tunes on this tape are actually quite beautiful and even pleasantly danceable. The seven-minute "Tupper" is a trip and it ends so quickly! I could've gone for another five spot on that one. "On Dancetron" is also a weird (in a good way) track because at first it seems like boring, looping bells, but boils to a groove. The art on the tape is cool too. The colors and layout compliment the vibe and I'm digging it. 

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