split LP (NO=FI / Sound of Cobra)

Gye Whiz, it's been a while since I wrote...I was busy opening a record store in Boston. Now that that's up to speed, hopefully I'll be blasting more cassettes on the stereo and doing a little modest scribing while I work...if you can call that work.  Well, hey, I'm writing this morning cause I just caught wind of a really interesting new vinyl release (street date April 18th).  I usually don't review material from promo emails (hint), but this split between Heroin in Tahiti and Ensemble Economique just fit might mood this morning so perfectly from first stream, that I thought I'd have to share it with y'all. Dig right in, this is a super gloomy ride.  I especially like the Heroin in Tahiti side.  The vinyl will be released in Europe in an edition of 500, but hopefully a few will make it over to the States.

listen to a HIT track HERE
listen to a EE track HERE
HERE is a streaming preview of the album on TINY MIX TAPES

NO=FI Recordings / Sound Of Cobra