German Army - "Holland Village" (Dub Ditch Picnic)

german army is a mysterious project that i've been listening to for quite a while now. they are prolific - with mupltiple cassette releases on respectable labels such as nightpeople and hobo cult. i guess the name isn't too "google friendly" or maybe i'm not searching hard enough, but i can't find much about the actual band ANYWHERE on the internet. WHO ARE THESE DUDES? where are they from? do they play live? i have no clue, but i like their music.

so here we have another great tape by the infamous army, released by a cool label called "dub ditch picnic" (sweet name!?!). as always - the music is totally rad - dark wave drones, collaged samples that morph in and out of beats, and bizarre, captivating vocals. the track eyes in front sounds like the soundtrack to a nightmare where i'm running in place, stuck in quicksand, as a satanic apocalypse slowly approaches and gnaws at my disintegrating brain. its dark and slow, scary and sad.  yikes...

overall, the tape is great, flows nicely and has killer art/packaging. highly recommended if you want to dabble in synth beat doom hell for 40 some odd minutes

there are only 75 copies of this tape left so get em' now before you gotta buy them on discogs for 15 bucks.