CAUGHT ON TAPE "2x Cassette" (Manhand)

Though C.G.s is a beacon for the groundbreaking and often critically underrated, I have but one rap sheet from the "mainstream" and you will seldom hear a peep from me about it in the future.  This beautifully hand painted 2x cassette package comes from the duo of John Moloney/Thurston Moore documenting some of their best captured last year of free improv touring.  Like their s/t lp on Feeding Tube Records and lesser known Manhand releases "Acting the Maggot" and "Irish-American Prayer" the stuff is duplicated straight from cassette recordings of live shows. 

A bit about each side:

A1: Right out the gate with full frontal guitar musk, barrage dissolving into TM's patented tonal scrapings and knocks.  Later a rendition of "Staring Statues" from the Psychic Hearts LP.

A2: Frantic drums dissolve into what sounds like jamming on a no input mixer but is probably the tape recorder too close to guitar amp destruction through the tri metal pedal, then back into hc punx blast w hints of stoner riffs/full boogie/halloween vibrato in no set chronology.

B1: Floor tom wash under rat squall/heavy space fire from some far off place.

B2: Buzz and howl in continuance with side A1/crash decaying into next crash. Room noise and drones.  Drums to the front with an abrupt ending.  2/4 sides have an abrupt ending.

Check yr favorite record store for this and the Caught on Tape LP and look out for more undoubtably sporadic releases in the future.

- -Matt Robidoux