EGON GONE "A Buffoon in Every Gallon" EP

Prolific sole proprietor Egon Gone ghosts a new batch of tracks from a new bunker in wooded Ohio, a segmented slithering worm type of an ep , ranging from >0:40 soundcheck segues to guitar and casio psychic pop pastiche, equal parts beat and noise driven.  Textures unravel surprisingly throughout.  The arrangements and drum programming are a carefully plotted sonic illustration of the true producer's ear.  recommended hits: "Drinkin' Till the Flies Come Home" and "You Can't Kill Me".

On the later part of the tape, "Demon at the door" and "13 Seconds of Dust" veer towards a ghoul-ish p. industrial place, highly recommended for Gristle fans et. al.  

If you want for Egon to linger longer, he's posting new tracks on his soundcloud pretty consistently.  For a phys. copy of "A Buffoon…" paypal/contact and await further instructions.

- -Matt Robidoux