STENORETTE "01 [Red]" (self-released)

In a series of color-coded releases, Stenorette presents subtle, aurally pleasing sound collage w/ a concise visual aesthetic.

From their bandcamp site: "Stenorette is the experimental sound project of Ben Worth and Ben Dyson - two ex-pat Brits who met in their adopted home city of Toronto, Canada. Their sounds are created using various tapes, vinyl, found sound, and heavily processed guitar. All work is 100% improvised and every session is recorded live to cassette. It is often unclear who is doing what."

RIYL: cubes, off white, tonal music, planes taking off and landing, oxygen tanks, moons, doors opening and closing, foreign countries, rpgs, chimes, mobiles, low talking, sub-frequencies, cb scans

- -Matt Robidoux