MOIN - 12" EP (Blackest Ever Black)

Blackest Ever Black drops a brilliant debut EP from Tom Halstead and Joe Andrews aka Raime's rowdier alter ego, Moin. If you caught their side of BEB's Confessions split series with Pete Swanson, then you've probably been anxiously awaiting this to arrive. It absolutely delivered, too. A bit more brash and less direct than this duo's previous output, this EP holds a much sharper blade to their usual medium of live drums, guitar, bass, and various scrap metal. Angular guitar riffs shriek and howl, with cyclic drums and bass passages that stagger in and out of any particular time signature. There's bursts of strategic feedback that are so pointed, you can almost feel it jabbing at you. The entire record has an overwhelming nervousness throughout, mainly in the vocals, with fits of harsh noise and post-punk shrapnel, and you never really know which they'll drop on your head next. Moin have offered up a dark and curiously melodic album, with all the haunting momentum and environmental abuse you'd expect, but this project nods more towards early outsider rock and hardcore, maybe even no wave, than Raime's dub, dread and electronic vibe. Highly recommended. Get a copy from B.E.B.