Greyghost / TALsounds (Hausu Mountain)

Here we have a split tape from Hausu Mountain, a label ran by Doug Kaplan of Chicago. They released a stellar tape by Moth Cock we spotlighted a few months back, so I was looking forward to hearing more from the label. This particular split is apart of their mungen series, which features solo sessions recorded live with no overdubs. The tape starts off with TALsounds, Natalie Chami of Chicago. She uses synths and effects to make slow moving swells that stay at a somber pulse. Her side is overall stagnant but ends with some thick thumps and sweet leading loops. On side B we have Greyghost, Brian Griffith of LA. It begins with pitched radio frequencies but eventually fades into a hazy non moving bass loop peice. Both sides hit very somber grass lying cloud watching moods. If you're looking for that, check this out!

-- Mark Johnson