HEPATITIS (B) YOUTH "s/t" c15? (Friends and Relatives / Green Tape Records)

Liner notes list 12 members on the inside of the tape and it's sort of weird to say it, but it doesn't feel like that at all. Usually you put three dudes in a room and the music is totally (TOO) full, the tape is covered in loop goop and hissing twists. Not this mini-album. A nice ensemble piece that sounds like, after a hearty meal of cardboard dipped in wet sand, the band hit the recycling shed and ripped through a set of their favorite "tunes" with only themselves to please.

I'd long heard stories of the north florida scene (which was mind-blowing enough back then), weird people hanging out under bridges covered in fake blood playing 4 minute sets till the cops showed up (for real!) and have followed some of their paths and detritus since and this is a nice crouton in the sound salad. Carlos Gonzalez is listed first and since his exodus north he's put out a staggering collection of releases getting better every second as Russian Tsarlag (check the most recent LP on Night People, along with a great cassette on Bonescraper). Zach Ippen I know only from running the Green Tape Records label which had a hand in putting this (and a recent Gang Wizard LP) out, but i'm sure if you tracked down some of these other names the pieces would start to fit together.

Definitely a nice little slice of magnetic tape, pretty short which is a little sad but leaves you wanting more of that dude sort of moaning/singing through a toilet paper tube over some bass player stuffed in a bag of leaves with a drummer keeping the beat on the roof of the passing 18 wheeler.

Comes packaged in a plastic snap-shut case,
black and white photocopied art
still in print from Friends and Relatives site (along with lots of other good stuff!)

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