NYSS "Stjeer" c60 (Hikikomori)

This tape is the first I've seen submitted for review that came with a nice hand written note. Jonas explained this tape isn't even part of an edition because he "doesn't think his music is good enough," which is a shame. The music is definitely good enough to be released in more than an edition of zero, especially considering the amount of stuff that's released in an edition of 100,000...

The music is hypnotic 'keyboard' that at times sounds like a budget crap-sio or SK-1 or maybe even a chord organ without the incessant whir of the motor. The hypnotic element is partially due to the semi discordant tones humming in and out and also because of the fact that it's relentless. the wailing of the keyboard is relentless and it makes you feel like yr recliner went too far back and yr head is simultaneously resting on yr favorite chair and the ground.

there are only like two breaks in the whole piece and you get the feeling it was a friggin muscle cramp that made him stop because as quickly as possible it restarts right where it left off.

Hikikomori is based out of sweden and doesn't have a website and this isn't in an edition...BUT if you write to Jonas at : calvinwiththecops [@] yahoo.se and "email a request...i'll record some of it for [you.]" i don't know if that means everyone gets their own unique tape or he'll just dub you a copy of this, either way, it's a good chance to pick up some ambient keyboard jams in a hand-collaged case from a very polite dude in the north east of Sweden.

again, no site, just email:
calvinwiththecops [@] yahoo.se